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Study confirms faults with 287(g) immigration program

The Immigration Policy Center on Thursday published a study confirming faults with the 287(g) immigration program at a time when the government is subjecting it to review. Since its creation in 1996, Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act … Continue reading

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Brewer sued over license policy for DACA recipients

Immigrant rights advocates filed a lawsuit Thursday that seeks to overturn Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s order denying driver’s licenses for young immigrants who have gotten work permits and avoided deportation under a new Obama administration policy. The lawsuit alleges the … Continue reading

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Rep. Xavier Becerra elected as Democratic Caucus Chairman

Congressman Xavier Becerra (D-California) has been elected as Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives, and will be the only Latino among the Democratic party’s Congressional leadership.

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Bipartisan group proposes larger immigration reforms

Even as Republicans in the House and Senate begin efforts to pass narrow immigration bills in the lame-duck session, closed-door negotiations have begun over how to accomplish a much broader package of immigration reforms next year. Three Republican senators introduced … Continue reading

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Dreamers reject Republicans’ Achieve Act

Dreamers are rejecting an alternate version of the DREAM Act, dubbed the Achieve Act, that was introduced Tuesday by Republican senators and would give a legal status to undocumented youth who entered the United States as children. Retiring senators Jon … Continue reading

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Latino groups’ grassroots efforts paid off on Nov. 6

On Election Day, President Obama got 71 percent of the Latino vote nationally because, in the end, Latinos preferred his message over Mitt Romney’s. But how Latinos got that message — the relentless call to register, to vote, to participate … Continue reading

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The rise of Mexico

Last week, the Economist published an article on “The Rise of Mexico” in anticipation of Mexican President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto’s visit to DC. Below is the full text of the article, which examines the need to re-examine the U.S.-Mexico relationship … Continue reading

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