Additional Resources

The concept of the 21st Century Border has been promoted by both the Mexican and the American governments. There has also been several reports written by NDN/NPI and others which seek to promote and explain this vision.

NDN/NPI are proud to highlight these and additional resources for you to visit to better understand the 21st Century Border:

The U.S. – Mexico Border Strategy Is Working

Simon Rosenberg, President, NDN/NPI outlines how the U.S.-Mexico border strategy is working: Crime along the border is down, deportations of criminal aliens has increased, the flow of unauthorized immigrants has dropped as has the domestic population of undocumented immigrants in the United States.   There has been little to no spillover from the gang-related violence in Mexico into the United States, and seizures of narcotics into the country and bulk cash leaving the country have increased. As a result of this new and deeper partnership between our countries the American side of our common border is clearly safer today.

Full post can be read here.

NDN REPORT: The Governments Border Strategy Is Working

After years of investment by the federal government along the border between the United States and Mexico there has been significant progress in creating a more harmonious region. NDN/NPI has taken a deep dive into the statistics and facts which highlight the progress made in creating a more harmonious border region.

Full post can be read here.

Declaration by The Government Of The United States Of America and The Government Of The United Mexican States Concerning Twenty-First Century Border Management

This intermestic agreement pledges to strengthen cooperation between Mexico and the United States by enhancing the economic competitiveness by expediting lawful trade, while preventing the transit of illegal merchandise between their two countries, facilitating lawful travel in a manner that also prevents the illegal movement of people between our two countries.

Full post can be read here.

Comexi Report Managing the United States-Mexico Border: Cooperative Solutions to Common Challenges

Under the auspices of the Pacific Council for International Policy (PCIP) and the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI), thirty distinguished businessmen, civic leaders, and former government officials from Mexico and the United States committed themselves to devising ways to improve management of our common border.

Full post can be read here.


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