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Daily Border Bulletin – Alabama Lawmakers Calls for Immigration Law Repeal, US to Deport Mexican Immigrants to Home States Instead of Border, What is Fair for Undocumented Children?

Alabama state lawmakers are speaking out saying that their home grown immigration law cannot be fixed and needs to be repealed. The Department of Homeland Security has changed longstanding practice and is now flying Mexican migrants back to Mexico. Former … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin – Across Arizona, Immigration As Wedge Issue on Back Burner, What Jan Brewer Talks About When She Talks About Mexico, Foreign investment rises 9.7 pct in Mexico in 2011

With the architects of SB1070 Arizona’s immigration law under varying degrees of controversy and more pressing economic woes facing the state, the Republican party in the state are toning down their rhetoric on the issue. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s comments … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin – Romney: Immigration Law Comment May Come Back To Haunt Him, Brewer Declines Defending AZ Law In Senate, Mexico Sends U.S. Message on Guns

Mitt Romney’s comment that Arizona’s state passed immigration law could be a model for the nation could come back to haunt him in the general election. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has declined an invitation by Senator Charles Schumer to defend … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin – Romney calls Arizona immigration law a model for the nation, The man behind Romney’s “self-deportation” plan, Democrats slam Romney on immigration in new ad

In last nights Republican debate Mitt Romney came out hard for Arizona’s enforcement centric legislation as a model for immigration reform nationally. Romney’s immigration adviser Kris Kobach, has come out in defense of “self deportation,” saying that he hopes that … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin – All Tied Up In Arizona, Romney Co-Chair Resigns Amid Allegations of Misconduct, Kobach Immigration Bills DOA In Kansas

A  new CNN poll shows Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in a statistical dead heat in Arizona. Meanwhile after allegations of misconduct rocked his office Pinal County Sheriff and Congressional Candidate Paul Babeu has stepped down as a Co-Chair for … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin – Immigration and the GOP Campaign in AZ, Immigrants Trickling back To AL, An In Depth Look At The Border

A New York Times Op-Ed examines how the Modern Day GOP has abandoned its past principled stands on immigration as integral to our national interest has now been caught in the grips of campaign rhetoric with little to back up … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To GOP Candidates From Southwest Arizona Leader Regarding Border Rhetoric

The 21st Century Border Program is dedicated to elevating voices from our Southwest Border, today we are proud to present an open letter from Jaime Chamberlain, Chairman  of the Board of Directors of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americasto … Continue reading

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