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Daily Border Bulletin: Group reveals Kansas immigration plan, Latinos won’t forget Romney’s ‘anti-immigrant’ talk, Obama business plan ends country-specific immigrant visa caps

A coalition of businesses in Kansas are working to find ways to allow undocumented immigrants to remain in their state to work agricultural jobs while there are labor shortages. Following the Florida Primaries and a series of anti-immigrant statements, the … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin: Romney’s ‘anti-immigrant’ label won’t go away, Latino immigrant exodus hurts South Carolina economy, Border Patrol Base Aims To Thwart Smuggling In New Mexico

With the Florida primary entering the final stretch Mitt Romney has a comfortable lead over his chief rival Newt Gingrich, but moving forward will have to contend with the persistent ‘anti-immigrant label. Meanwhile South Carolinas economy shows continued signs of … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin: In Florida Romney, Gingrich Try Desperately to Mask Immigration Stance

As the Republican primary in Florida draws nearer, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich continued to trade blows over whose stance on immigration was more extreme. At last nights debate, this dynamic was on display in a major way, when the … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin – Romney, Gingrich fireworks over immigration, Romney’s immigration dilemma, Univision Candidate Videos

With the Republican primary in Florida this week the two leading GOP contenders traded blows over their stances on immigration.  The Politico weighs in on Romneys immigration problems. Univision posts videos of Jorge Ramos interviewing both candidates.

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Daily Border Bulletin – Obama draws contrast with GOP on immigration, urging pathway to citizenship, Gingrich mocks Romney’s ‘self-deportation’ plan for undocumented immigrants

President Barack Obama’s State of The Union address helped draw a sharp contrast between his administration and the Republican parties current immigration stances. While campaigning in Florida Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich mocked Mitt Romney over his plan to require … Continue reading

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Invite Reminder and Backgrounder: Tomorrow Realizing the Value of our Cross Border Trade with Mexico Feat. Michael Camunez

Tomorrow be sure to join us for a discussion about the current state of the economic relationship between the US and Mexico.  Joining us for lunch will be a terrific panel Michael C. Camunez, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Market … Continue reading

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The State of The Union and Our Evolving Understanding Of The Southwest Border Region

Yesterday, President Obama gave his State of the Union Address, in it he briefly touched on immigration and the border, in doing so he touched an important point: as our immigration debate enters a new phase our understanding of the … Continue reading

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