For the past year NDN and The New Policy Institute (NPI) have sought to advance the concept of a 21st Century Border. This vision put forth by the United States and Mexican governments seeks to express their commitment to strengthen cooperation in:

  • Enhancing economic competitiveness by expediting lawful trade, while preventing the transit of illegal merchandise between their two countries.
  • Facilitating lawful travel in a manner that also prevents the illegal movement of people between their two countries.
  • Sharing information that enhances secure flows of goods and people.
  • Disrupting and dismantling transnational criminal organizations and punishing their members and supporters.

NDN/NPI’s 21st Century Border Initiative has been designed to support, promote and develop the important vision outlined by these two governments. We have done this by facilitating events, papers, essays and creating a network of like-minded individuals both inside and outside the beltway.

Our website will act as a portal for which we will continue to elevate local voices,  and tell the incredible story of progress about our shared border with Mexico. Through a new and better strategy, more resources and greater cooperation with our Mexican partners, the border region is much safer today. Crime is down, illegal migration has slowed, seizures of illegal drugs, guns and bulk cash has soared, all while trade and legal border crossings have increased. Despite the very real challenge of the cartel violence, the US side of the border has seen great progress in recent years. As much as this story is about the border it is also about our country as a whole. Consider:

  • 10 percent of the US population is now of Mexican descent.   This population will ensure that our cultural, economic and familial ties with our partner to the South will grow closer in the years ahead.
  • America shares a 2,000 mile border with Mexico, which sees nearly a million people legally cross across 52 different ports each day.
  • More than a billion dollars of trade now takes place each day between our two countries.  Mexico is the US’s third largest trading partner and second largest export market.
  • America now trades more with Mexico than we do with the UK, Germany and Japan combined, and almost as much as with China.  Mexico is the largest export market for goods from 22 of our 50 states.

The voices on our new site testify to the progress which has been made, and to the very real challenges which remain.  With your continued help we look forward to growing our network of those invested in the border region  So please take the time to look over the website and let us know what you think. You can reach me at any time with your thoughts at kramos@ndn.org.

Please enjoy,

Kristian Ramos,                                                                                                                              Policy Director 21st Century Border Initiative


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