Voices From Our Border

We started the 21st Century Border Initiative to elevate voices from the critically important U.S.-Mexico border region. You can use the interactive map below to find news and video messages from the border.

NDN/NPI is excited about promoting our progress towards making the 21st Century Border a reality. As such, NPI’s 21st Century Border Initiative has been designed to support, promote and develop the important vision outlined by the U.S. and Mexican governments. This website is as much about the work we have done as it is a place to promote and elevate voices from the border region.

We have four sections which allow you to easily navigate the world of the 21st Century Border:

  • Events: In an effort to promote the 21st Century Border, NDN/NPI has hosted several events. In this section please find videos and transcripts of all of these events.
  • Videos: For months, members of NDN/NPI’s 21st Century Border Initiative have been busy cultivating a network of stakeholders throughout the Southwest and capturing their thoughts about the state of the U.S.–Mexico border region. You can watch them and other content here or on our 21st Century Border Initiative YouTube Page

For this blog, we have aggregated content by subject:

  • 2012: Stories highlighting border issues as they occur in the 2012 Election Cycle.
  • 21st Century YouTube Page: Videos from our 21st Century Border YouTube Page.
  • Border Bulletin: A daily snap shot of news from the border and beyond.
  • Border Mayors:  Stories highlighting a coalition of Southwest Border Mayors who have come together to advocate for an end to hyperbolic border rhetoric and an increase in commerce and infrastructure investment along the southwest border.
  • Congress:These stories highlight legislative actions.
  • Economic Story: Stories highlighting the border as a place of commerce.
  • Safety Story: Stories highlighting border safety.
  • The Intermestic Story: Stories highlighting the ways in which the United States and Mexico are increasingly becoming intertwined both economically and through demographic changes domestically.
  • Voices From Our Border:  NPI is committed to elevating voices from the southwest Border Region in order to educate and inform the national discussion. Here you can find essay’s, editorials, and information on organizations working in this space.

Please take the time to explore.  As always, if you see something you think we could do better or if you are interested in contributing, please let me know. I can be reached at kramos@ndn.org. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kristian Ramos
Policy Director
21st Century Border Initiative


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