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Daily Border Bulletin – More kids crossing Mexico border alone, Immigration Stalls as Opportunities Wane on U.S.-Mexican Border, Arizona Immigration Law Author Hopes for Similar Measure in Kansas

The Government and local Non Profit agencies are scrambling to find ways to house the growing number of children undocumented immigrants who are crossing the Border alone. Skilled agricultural labor is now leaving the United States in the form of … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin – Arizona Businesses Brace for Pain Over Immigration Ruling, ATF Releases Government of Mexico Firearms Trace Data, 5 Takeaways from the Immigration Argument at the Supreme Court

With The Supreme Court likely to uphold parts of Arizona’s state passed immigration law, local businesses are already bracing for the worst. The ATF has released its latest report on Mexico Firearms trace data and the results confirm that cartel … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin – Supreme Court Opening Remarks On SB1070, Presidential Race Close in AZ, Carmona Closes in AZ Senate Race

Yesterday the Supreme Court heard opening arguments on Arizona’s controversial state passed immigration law SB1070, many on the bench expressed the feeling that they were sympathetic to the more controversial sections of the legislation. Meanwhile in Arizona the Presidential race … Continue reading

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In The Huffington Post – Memo To Supreme Court: Arizona Immigration Law Is No Solution for Broken System

Over the next several months the Supreme Court will hear arguments over Arizona’s state-passed immigration law. Regardless of the outcome one thing should be very clear: the anti-immigrant movement has no long-term strategy to fix our broken immigration system. All … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin – Arizona lawmaker defends immigration law in Senate, Democrats plan to force vote on Arizona immigration law if it’s upheld by court, Russell Pearce: I ‘Absolutely’ Believe Romney Called SB 1070 A ‘Model’

Ahead of the Supreme Court hearing opening arguments on SB1070, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the constitutionality of Arizona’s papers please immigration law. At the hearing Senator Charles Schumer revealed that Democrats would be scheduling a vote … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin – Justices to Rule on Role of the States in Immigration, Supreme Court will hear 2 strikingly different views, More Mexicans returning home, fewer coming to U.S.

This week the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments over Arizona’s controversial immigration law SB1070, the outcome of this case will have significant ramifications for the country.  The Supreme Court case will touch upon whether or not states have … Continue reading

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Daily Border Bulletin – Rubio, in Appeal to G.O.P.’s Conscience, Urges Compromise on Dream Act, Rubio’s DREAM puts Mitt in a bind, How much Hispanics matter in 2012 — in one chart

After several abysmal polls show the GOP in trouble with Hispanics, Marco Rubio has stepped up and is drafting his own version of the DREAM Act. Rubios DREAM legislation which would not give citizenship but a pathway to some sort … Continue reading

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