Republicans ready to blame labor unions if immigration fails

RubioAn immigration reform bill hasn’t even been unveiled, but key Republican lawmakers are already singling out unions as the reason why a deal could fail. The GOP offensive taps into long-simmering disagreement between the business community and unions over how to handle visas for low-skilled workers, which was one key reason why comprehensive immigration reform failed in 2007, the last time the issue was debated seriously in Washington. Sen. Marco Rubio told POLITICO the guest worker program is key to his supporting immigration reform. “I don’t think it’s any secret that in the past, unions killed immigration reform,” Sen. Marco Rubio said.

Politico: GOP: Unions to blame if immigration reform fails

Bloomberg: Guest-Worker Visas Sticking Point on Immigration Rewrite

BuzzFeed: Battle Brews Over Labor Demands As Immigration Talks Enter Home Stretch

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