Latino groups mobilize in D.C. to lobby for immigration reform

CapitolIn the past couple of days, a group of people have been gathering in Washington to discuss immigration reform – but they are not House or Senate members. “I’m here with seven undocumented students,” says Mauricio Calvo, director of Latino Memphis, an advocacy and social services agency in Memphis, Tennessee. “All they are asking for is a chance to go to college, and one of them wants to join the military,” he says. “We need a pathway to citizenship, not just for Dreamers, but for their parents, so they can come out of the shadows, get better-paying jobs, and help their children pay for college,” says Calvo.Calvo and the students were participating in NCLR’s (National Council of La Raza) National Latino Advocacy Days, where hundreds of community leaders from around the country gathered to discuss ways to learn to take their messages on the value of immigration reform to their state and Congressional leaders.

NBC Latino: Community leaders gather in DC on immigration reform advocacy

McClatchy Newspapers: Charlotte students in D.C. lobby for immigration rights

ABC/Univision: Latino Group NCLR Wants 8-12 Year Citizenship Path

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