Despite Rubio’s claims, White House plan similar to Senate’s

President Obama made his first direct overture to Republicans on immigration Tuseday night, placing calls to the three key GOP players on the issue in the Senate:  John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio. The calls come after Rubio called a White House immigration plan that leaked over the weekend “half-baked and seriously flawed”.

Huffington Post: Jay Carney: Despite Marco Rubio Staff Claims, White House In Touch On Immigration

Talking Points Memo: Rubio’s Office Insists Their Immigration Plan Isn’t The Same As Obama’s

CNN: Rubio and White House in war of words over immigration meetings

National Journal: Can Obama and Rubio be Immigration Frenemies?

ABC News: Rubio and Obama: Are They Talking Immigration Yet?

TIME: Yes, Rubio and Obama Mostly Agree on Immigration. No, That Doesn’t Mean Reform Is Inevitable.

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