Joe Biden mocks Mitt Romney on self-deportation

Immigration reform finally came up on Tuesday night for the first time in any of the presidential or vice presidential debates, and Vice President Joe Biden wasted no time in mocking Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney over his support for self-deportation.

Romney was forced to explain his views on the issue when, during the debate, President Barack Obama summed up his GOP opponent’s strategy for dealing with undocumented youth as “making life so miserable on folks that they’ll leave.” Romney endorsed self-deportation — the idea that undocumented immigrants will “choose” to leave the country if certain laws and requirements are passed that make it too difficult for them to work or go to school — in the Republican primary, but has since largely declined to give specifics on his immigration stance.

“What I was saying is we’re not going to round up 12 million people, undocumented illegals, and take them out of the nation,” Romney said Tuesday. “Instead, let people make their own choice. And if they find that they can’t get the benefits here that they want and they can’t find the job they want, then they’ll make a decision to go a place where they have better opportunities.”

Biden pounced on those comments at a Wednesday campaign event in Greeley, Colo., saying they showed how “way out of touch” Romney is when it comes to addressing immigration reform.

Romney has also said he would veto Dream Act legislation, which would grant legal status to several million undocumented youth. Biden contrasted Romney’s position with Obama’s announcement in June that his administration would stop deporting eligible undocumented youth and grant some with work permits.

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