Luce: Mexico is forgotten story of U.S. election

In a piece published yesterday in the Financial Times, Edward Luce details the importance of Mexico to American demographics and the economy. Luce writes that the biggest trend taking place in the U.S. today is “its transformation into a Latin American country,” a change that he describes as positive and inevitable.

Luce writes that, “Mexico is fast turning into America’s most important trading partner – and is already its second-largest export market. Yet the only context in which the country is mentioned on the campaign trail is drugs or illegal immigration. It is rare that reality and politics so sharply diverge.”

According to Luce, “Mexico is now vying with China as the manufacturing hub of choice for U.S. and other multinational companies – it is as economically integrated with the US as any two members of the eurozone are to each other.”

Moreover, the author describes the changing demographics of the U.S., which mandate a new approach to both policy toward Latin America and domestic treatment of Hispanics. Luce writes, “In Texas and California, America’s two most populous states, a majority of schoolchildren are now Hispanic. They are tomorrow’s voters. It is doubtful they will tolerate a US-Mexican relationship that is largely couched as a law and order issue.”

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