Phoenix ready to enforce SB 1070 despite disagreement

The city of Phoenix is prepared to enforce the so-called “papers please” section of SB 1070 despite the mayor’s personal qualms, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said Wednesday. “When the Supreme Court ruling came down, our police chief directly addressed it and he said ‘In Phoenix, we’re going to follow the law as we should, but we’re going to do it in a way that ensures that people’s civil rights are protected,'” Stanton said.

Stanton personally disagrees with SB 1070, describing the law as “bad public policy,” and adding that “I don’t think the state legislature should be telling Phoenix police how to do their job.” Despite his feelings, however, the city of Phoenix has trained its officers and is fully prepared to enact the law. Stanton said he believes the new judgement will move through the court system, forcing the Supreme Court to again rule on SB 1070.

Stanton has conveyed his hope that Phoenix and Arizona “get ourselves out of the news for being on the extreme end of any public policy and get back to business,” he said. According to Stanton, said business should include a stronger focus on job creation, the budget, and education.

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