Mexico expands efforts to promote tourism

The resort towns of Mexico’s Pacific and Caribbean coasts have long been frequented by Americans. Most of the country’s interior, however, remains by and large unexplored. “People think they know Mexico, but they don’t,” says Gloria Guevara, Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism. “Mexicans don’t even know Mexico.”

Lack of awareness about Mexico’s vastness and its diverse geography are two of the most persistent challenges the country faces with respect to tourism. Tourism officials are now attempting to address these challenges through several avenues. The country’s new ad campaign, “Mexico: The Place You Thought You Knew,” emphasizes the allure of previously overlooked destinations. Tourism officials have also met with U.S. Department of State officials to advocate for greater geographic specificity and political context in travel alerts about Mexico.

The government has also worked to expand its Pueblos Magicos program, which accounts for 85% of tourism in Mexico. The program targets domestic travelers and emphasizes “pueblos magicos” located in the nation’s interior, many of which have unique legends and symbols that convey Mexico’s rich history and culture.

According to Fox News Latino, the five up-and-coming destinations in Mexico are Campeche, Playa Espiritu, Copper Canyon, San Luis Potosi, and Puebla.

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