Daily Border Bulletin – More Predator Drones On Border, Lack of immigrants hurts economy, Undocumented’s Voting?

8 Predator drones are now flying over the U.S. Mexico border. A new report shows that foreign-born graduate students have become essential for job creation. A Connecticut Mayor is pushing legislation that would allow “residents” of his city to vote.

More Predator Drones On The Border – Starting in 2005, the U.S began using un-manned planes to monitor movement along our southern border. Today there are a total of 8 Predator drones patrolling our border with Mexico. “There are now eight Predators flying for U.S. Customs and Border Protection — five, and soon to be six, along the southwest border. After a slow rollout that began in 2005, government drones are now patrolling most of the southern boundary, from Yuma, Ariz., to Brownsville, Tex. To hear their boosters, Predators are the new, sexy, futuristic fix for immigration control, irresistible to border hawks and the so-called “Drone Caucus” in Congress, whose interests in homeland security and defense contractors neatly dovetail to produce a must-have technology to meet the still unrealized threat of spillover violence from Mexican drug cartels.”

Immigrants Essential to Small Business Growth  A new report shows that Immigrants are essential to the growth of small business in the country:  “Of the 50 top firms that received venture capital backing in the past three years, 46 percent include at least one immigrant founder, according to a report released Tuesday by the National Foundation for American Policy. “It’s clear that America gains a great deal when we’re open to talent, wherever that talent is born,” said the foundation’s executive director, Stuart Anderson. Each of the companies analyzed is privately held and valued at less than $1 billion, making them candidates to become publicly traded entities. On average, the 23 companies started by an immigrant that were profiled in the report employ 150 workers.”

Connecticut Mayor Wants Immigrants to Vote  A Connecticut mayor, who has in the past given identification cards to undocumented immigrants is now pushing legislation to allow them to vote in local elections: “The Democratic mayor, John DeStefano, helped illegal immigrants come out of the shadows four years ago when he launched a first-of-its-kind program to give them city resident cards. Despite crackdowns elsewhere, he has forged ahead with proposals that he says are designed to find common ground in a diverse city. “We’re a place of differences,” he said. “We’re a place that sees a strength and places a value on welcoming folks from all over.” Dozens of American cities including New York, San Francisco and Cambridge, Mass., take a hands-off approach to pursuing illegal immigrants. While advocates say they are rightly distancing themselves from a broken immigration system, critics accuse them of flouting federal law as “sanctuary cities” — a label not all of them accept.”

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