Daily Border Bulletin – U.S. Infiltrates Mexican Drug Cartels, Simon in NJ and RCP, Perry and Romney fight on Immigration

The United States deepens its involvement in the battle against organized crime in Mexico.  Simon shares his belief that the Obama Administration’s immigration law enforcement will promote future broader reform. As the GOP presidential candidate race continues, Romney and Perry continue to squabble over whose immigration policies most benefited immigrants. As the GOP boycott a Univision debate Simon warns that this may further damage the parties standing with the Hispanic community.

New York Times  – U.S. Agencies Infiltrating Drug Cartels Across Mexico by Ginger Thompson 10/24/2011  American efforts in Mexico have been credited with “breaking up several of their largest cartels into smaller — and presumably less dangerous — crime groups.”

National Journal – White House Immigration Message: We’re Tough by Fawn Johnson 10/18/2011 “The administration’s goal is to belie accusations from critics that the United States border is out of control, an argument that helped kill major immigration legislation in 2007. Simon Rosenberg, president of the NDN strategy group, is one of a several political operatives pushing for a broad immigration fix to point out that the White House, at the time under President Bush, too easily conceded the point.”

Washington Post (Blog) – Illegal Immigration Spat Continues  by Jennifer Rubin 10/24/2011 Rick Perry’s campaign has begun floating the story that “Romneycare” benefits immigrants who are in the country illegally, while Romney  vehemently denies such allegations and continues to attack Perry for passing a state version of the DREAM Act.

Real Clear Politics – GOP Debate Boycott Centers on Univision, Rubio by Erin  Mcpike 10/25/2011 “Antagonizing Univision is a very risky strategy for the Republicans,” said Simon Rosenberg, the president of NDN (the New Democratic Network, a progressive think tank). “It’s sort of like NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox combined in the Spanish world.” And he added that generating antipathy “will damage the Republicans’ ability to reach Hispanic voters.

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