Daily Border Bulletin: GOP Debate Intensifies Immigration Rhetoric and Alienates Hispanics, ATF Fact Check and More

The Immigration issue has emerged as a defining issue in the GOP presidential race. As such the last Republican primary debate was immigration heavy, as have Mitt Romney’s campaign advertisements. Also among the primary candidates a renewed call for a border fence between the United States and Mexico raises some eyebrows.   The GOP focus on immigration has begun to alienate Hispanic voters.  In other news, the media examines the legitimacy of the GOP subpoena of Attorney General Eric Holder on ATF’s Fast and Furious program.

GOP Debate

Fort-Worth Star Telegram – Perry, Romney take the gloves off during fierce GOP debate by  Dave Montgomery and Anna M. Tinsley 10/18/2011 “Perry, eager to rebound from a dive in the polls, attacked Romney as a hypocrite on immigration, accusing him of hiring illegal workers on his property.”

New York Times – Some Cheer Border Fence as Others Ponder the Cost by Julia Preston 10/19/2011 “Proposals for an imposing border fence have drawn cheers at Republican rallies. Border security appears to be an area where some Republican candidates are ready to set aside their priority on fiscal discipline…  Based on what studies do exist, the analysts say that building and maintaining a fence through the remote or hostile terrain along the border would run into billions of dollars, with no documented impact on diminishing illegal crossings. ”

New York Times – Comments on Immigration Alienate Some Hispanic’s by Trip Gabriel 10/19/2011 “The discussion of creating electrified fences from sea to sea is neither prudent nor helpful,” said Ryan Call, chairman of the Republican Party of Colorado, where Hispanics cast 13 percent of votes in 2008 and helped President Obama flip the state to blue. “They’re throwing red meat around in an attempt to mollify a particular aspect of the Republican base.”

NPR – Immigration Debate Intensifies In GOP Race by Associated Press 10/20/2011 “Obama campaign manager Jim Messina seized on the issue Wednesday.”Romney’s been taking hard-right positions on the campaign trail on immigration. He didn’t object to having undocumented workers working for him because it’s illegal; he objected because he thought it would hurt his political career,” Messina said.”

Romney Immigration Campaign Advertisements (Presented Without Comment)

“The Facts”

“Illegal Immigration Takes Guts”

“Thank You Governor Perry”

Simon on Fox News Fast and Furious Fact Check



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