Daily Border Bulletin – DHS deporting criminal immigrants, presidential hopefuls engage Hispanics, while Mexico’s economy grows

After promising to target criminal immigrants the Department of Homeland Security has utilized 1,900 ICE agents to arrest 3,000 criminal immigrants,  several key swing states have seen upsurges in Hispanic populations prompting both parties to increase efforts to woo this group.  Mexican Central Bank foresees weakness in the economy, American businesses expand in Mexico, President Calderon is recognized by the Council of the Americas.  After initially signaling that she would attend, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has dropped out of U.S. Mexico Border Governors conference.

The Associated Press – U.S. Mexico Governors Conference languishes – This year only one American Governor attended this key international conference.

The Washington Post – After promising to target criminals, DHS announces arrests of thousands of criminal immigrants –  “After months of complaints from immigrant advocates, the Obama administration promised in August that immigration authorities would start focusing their scarce resources on finding and deporting serious criminals, and largely leave alone immigrants whose only offense was crossing the border illegally.”

The Wall Street Journal – Hispanics Rise In Key States –  Key swing states like Florida and Nevada have seen huge growth in their Hispanic populations causing an increase in interest from both parties in currying favor with this important voting bloc.

Despite Violence, U.S. Firms Expand in Mexico: American businesses respond to growth in Mexican economy by opening businesses close to the border.

President Calderon Receives Gold Insigne Award: The Council of the Americas presented Mexican President Felipe Calderon the Gold Insigne, the organization’s highest honor.

Agustín Carstens Shares Views on the Economy: The President of the Mexican Central Bank says the world economy will remain weak for the next three to five years.

The Border Bulletin is a daily roundup of stories from the region. If there is anything that you would like to see feel free to to shoot us an email at (kramos@ndn.org)

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2 Responses to Daily Border Bulletin – DHS deporting criminal immigrants, presidential hopefuls engage Hispanics, while Mexico’s economy grows

  1. Paul says:

    We could just annex the cotunry, too, and that’d increase our GDP by 10% overnight, to make up for the wealth we’ve ‘lost’ in the last year, but…Undestood, but it would make more sense to just annex/colonize them than have them colonize us which is the current policy.

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