Daily Border Bulletin – USHCC open for business, Mexican insecurity perceptions debunked, Mexican bonds out of sync with U.S. Tresuries

Latino business leaders recognize the adverse effects of anti-immigration legislation. Survey identifies discrepancies in perceptions of insecurity in Mexico. Economic turmoil in Europe affects U.S. – Mexico economic relations.

U.S. Hispanic chamber means business: During their 32nd annual convention Latino business leaders recognized the repercussions of Arizona’s anti-immigration laws on the states businesses.

Tourists are more worried about traffic than insecurity: A survey of national and international tourism into Mexico City reveals both Mexican and foreign tourists are more worried about traffic than insecurity.

Peso Bonds Slump in Split from Treasuries amid Greek Crisis: Mexico Credit: Europe’s debt crisis has broken the lockstep in trends between U.S. Treasuries and their counterpart, Mexican bonds.

The Border Bulletin is a daily roundup of stories from the region. If there is anything that you would like to see feel free to to shoot us an email at (kramos@ndn.org)

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