Report Shows That Crime In Arizona Border City Nogales Has Dropped By 11%

The Nogales Police Department has released a report showing that the local number of serious crimes has fallen by 11% over the last year.

This announcement is big news given the rhetoric coming from the state capitol in Arizona. Governor Jan Brewer has repeatedly said that the border is out of control. Going so far as to sue the federal government for not enforcing immigration laws.

The reality, as we can see in the border city of Nogales, Arizona, is quite different. The Nogales International reports:

A new report shows that serious crimes fell by 11 percent in Nogales last year, a decline that the city’s mayor and police chief say reaffirms Nogales’ credentials as an especially safe community. According to the report, issued by the Nogales Police Department and released to the public this week, 459 major felony offenses were committed within city limits in 2010, down from 515 in 2009.

The full story can be read here.

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